Common Stove & Oven Issues

  • Cracked Glass
  • No Heat
  • Inconsistent Oven Temperatures
  • Door Doesn’t Close Properly
  • Gas Stove Not Igniting

Ovens are a major home appliance found in most kitchens. Often connected to a stove, ovens can be built into walls, as well. Oven technology soared in the 20th century, bringing innovative concepts such as convection ovens, an appliance that heats food via a circulation of hot air, to the public. Ovens are thermally insulated, retaining heat easily which make them particularly useful when cooking food. Some problems that may appear over years of use include the broiler breaking, temperature control issues, and the self-cleaning feature malfunctioning. Fast Appliance Repair can come to your home and repair your oven. Consultations may be completed same day.








Common Oven Problems

Broiler: The broiler is located inside the oven and heats food from the top down. It is often used to brown foods and desserts. A broken broiler can cause uneven heating and burning.

Convection Element: Convection elements are located on convection ovens. They work in conjunction with the other heating mechanisms to heat the circulating air inside the oven. When the convection element malfunctions, the oven cannot heat evenly.

Thermal Fuse: The thermal fuse is the mechanism that prevents the oven from overheating. It is located in the back of the oven. If the oven will not heat it is a good indication that the fuse is broken.

Oven Fan: The oven fan is often located at the back of the oven. It helps distribute heat throughout the oven’s interior. If an oven is not getting hot enough or not heating up at all, a broken oven fan may be the problem.




Why Choose Fast Appliance Repairs

Fast Appliance Repair offers excellent customer service and quality parts on all major appliance repairs.

A broken oven or stove is definitely an appliance you need to repair immediatly. If it is a gas issue and you smell a rotten egg smell, or other gas smells, get everyone out of the house and call 911!

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