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Like with most things, wear and tear or heavy use of your appliance may need repairing. That’s why at Fast Appliance Repair, we offer the area of Okotoks appliance repair services. We can fix anything from a faulty washer to a stove that won’t heat. Plus, we can repair all other appliances within your household. Due to the effort of our trusted and highly experienced technicians, as well as our supportive and helpful customer support team, we will have your appliances working like new. We offer incredibly competitive prices and can usually see to your repair and have it completed within one visit.

First, we troubleshoot the issue to determine what needs repairing. Afterward, our techs will discuss the matter with you and let you know if any specific parts are required. We carry most parts on hand, but depending on your appliance’s make and model, we may need to order them. However, the waiting period is a day or two. From there, we will give you an accurate estimate and begin the repair job with your approval. You won’t have to do a thing. Trust in us at Fast Appliance Repair in Okotoks!

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Reliable Appliance Repair Service in Okotoks

Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks is your go-to solution for dependable appliance repair services in Okotoks and its surrounding areas. We specialize in addressing an array of kitchen and electrical appliance issues, providing swift and effective solutions to ensure your appliances are back in top-notch condition. Our dedicated crews are well-versed in handling a diverse range of brands, including but not limited to Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, and more. Whether it’s a refrigerator, oven, range, dishwasher, or washer, we have the expertise to tackle any problem. Our commitment to providing reliable, local, and affordable services comes backed with a warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your appliances are in capable hands. Choose Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks for professionalism and satisfaction in every service we deliver.

Emergency 24/7 Service

At Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks, we understand that appliance emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time. That’s why we offer round-the-clock, 24/7 emergency services in Okotoks and its neighboring areas. Our skilled crews are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and possess the expertise to handle any situation promptly. Whether it’s a malfunctioning refrigerator, a problematic freezer, or any other appliance issue, we are ready to respond to your call at any hour. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to emergency situations, providing you with the assurance that Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks is your reliable partner in urgent times. Don’t let unexpected appliance issues disrupt your life – call us anytime for quick and efficient solutions.

We serve all appliance Types, brands and models

Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks takes pride in offering comprehensive services that cover all types, brands, and models of appliances. Our skilled technicians are adept at addressing issues with refrigerators, ovens, ranges, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and more. Whether you own appliances from Whirlpool, Samsung, Electrolux, Kenmore, or any other major brand, our crews have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently. We prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience, offering local, affordable, and warranty-backed services. Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks is your one-stop solution for all your appliance repair needs in Alberta, Canada. We extend our services to areas including Okotoks, Black Diamond, and beyond, ensuring that anyone facing appliance issues can rely on our expertise. Read our testimonials and discover why we stand out for our professionalism and commitment to excellence in appliance repair. Book our services today, and experience the difference Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks can make for your home and kitchen appliances.

Fridge Repair

Fridge Repairs Okotoks

We are the best choice for a fridge repair, Okotoks. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews and see all the satisfied customers we have. As one of the most essential appliances in your home, it can hold hundreds of dollars of groceries. And, if it dies, you usually need to get it repaired quickly. That is why we have emergency and same-day Fridge Repair Okotoks services. Give us a call, and we will dispatch the next Fridge Repair Okotoks technician to service your broken refrigerator. Our fridge maintenance and repair specialist will troubleshoot and fix almost any fridge repair on the same day, keeping your groceries cool and fresh. Frid

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repairs Okotoks

With Fast Appliance Repair, we know how to get your dishwasher cleaning dishes like when you first bought your appliance. Our prices can’t be beat and are some of the lowest in the industry. But that doesn’t mean we lack in quality. We ensure that you receive excellent customer service from the first call until our specialists complete your dishwasher repair, Okotoks. Furthermore, we put you first and will try to answer all your questions. Our Dishwasher Repair Okotoks technicians can fix issues with broken door seals, leaks, draining issues, and more. Call us today, and we will have your dishwasher repair completed correctly the first time. Dishwasher Repair Okotoks

Cooktop Repair

Cooktop Repairs Okotoks

Appliance repairs can be a huge hassle. It’s hard to find the time and energy to call around for quotes, schedule appointments, and then wait days or weeks for service. You need your appliances working at their best so you can focus on other things in life. Fast Appliance Repairs provides same day cooktop repair services that are fast and convenient.

Our Cooktop repair services include replacing damaged parts such as knobs, switches, thermostats and burners. We’ll complete your cooktop repair by testing it before we leave your home or business. If any parts need replacement during our visit we will show you what needs changed before proceeding with the work order ensuring customer satisfaction every time! This is a great way to avoid costly mistakes when performing this type of work yourself.

Stove Repair

Oven & Stove Repairs Okotoks

Having your oven break down when you need it to cook a meal can be very frustrating. Since it is an appliance you rely on regularly, you want it repaired quickly. That’s when you contact us at Fast Appliance Repair for oven repair, Okotoks. Therefore, we can have you cooking or baking again in no time and for a great price. With years of experience and thousands of successful repairs, our Oven Repair Okotoks technicians can repair your oven if it has malfunctioning heating elements, a door that won’t shut, temperature issues, and more. They are all certified journeyman techs specializing in oven repair for all makes and models. Ove

Washer Repair

Washer Repairs Okotoks

At Fast Appliance Repair, we service front-loading, stacked, and top-loading washer repair, Okotoks. With our help, we can get you back to cleaning even the dirtiest clothes. And, with proper care and regular maintenance by one of our talented Washer Repair Okotoks technicians, you will be able to keep washing your clothing for years to come. But if you suspect something has gone wrong with your appliance, don’t wait to get it seen to. Instead, give us a call at Fast Appliance Repair. We will be able to help deal with a wide range of issues. Speak with one of our customer support reps for washer repair in Okotoks. W

Dryer Repair

Dryer Repairs Okotoks

Everyone loves the warm feeling of pulling on a nice clean sweater fresh from the dryer. But if your dryer is not tumbling your clothes, you need to contact us for dryer repair, Okotoks. Here at Fast Appliance Repair, we are the best dryer repair in the area. Our dryer repair Okotoks technicians are factory-trained and certified and know the mechanics of your dryer. In light of this, we are capable of serving all makes and models, you can rely on us to fix your dryer for a reasonable price. We make the process easy and provide a short time frame to expect our technicians to arrive. Dr


Entrust your appliance repair needs to the unparalleled expertise of Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks. What sets us apart is our team of licensed, insured, and highly experienced technicians, each equipped with a wealth of knowledge to deliver top-tier service. Our commitment to excellence begins with our technicians, who undergo rigorous training and certification processes to stay abreast of the latest advancements in appliance technology. This dedication ensures that when you choose Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks, you’re not just receiving repairs; you’re benefiting from the collective expertise of professionals who understand the intricacies of a diverse range of appliances.

Our licensed technicians bring a level of skill and precision to every service call that is unmatched. With insurance coverage in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected during the repair process. Our experienced technicians have encountered and successfully resolved a myriad of appliance issues, making them well-versed in tackling challenges with efficiency and accuracy. Whether it’s a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, or any other appliance, our technicians have the hands-on experience and industry knowledge to diagnose and address problems effectively.

At Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks, we prioritize not only the functionality of your appliances but also the customer experience. Our licensed and insured technicians contribute to the overall professionalism that defines our services. We believe that our clients deserve the highest standard of expertise, and our team of technicians is dedicated to upholding that commitment. Choose Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks for a service experience that goes beyond repairs – it’s an assurance that your appliances are in the capable hands of licensed, insured, and experienced professionals.

Warranty coverage for appliance repairs

Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks goes the extra mile to provide peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty coverage for all appliance repairs. We understand that investing in appliance repairs should come with the assurance that the service is backed by a solid warranty. That’s why we stand by the quality of our work and the expertise of our licensed technicians, offering warranty coverage that reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our warranty coverage encompasses a wide range of appliance repairs, from refrigerators and ovens to dishwashers, washers, and more. This means that when you choose Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks, you’re not just receiving a fix for the immediate issue – you’re gaining the added benefit of protection against unforeseen issues that may arise post-repair. Our goal is to ensure that our clients feel confident and secure in their decision to trust us with their appliance repair needs.

The warranty coverage at Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks is a testament to our confidence in the quality of our work and the durability of the parts we use. It reflects our belief that a repair service should not only resolve the existing problem but also provide lasting solutions. With our warranty coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that in the rare event of a recurrence or related issue, our team will promptly address it at no additional cost.

Fast Appliance , Where Excellence Meets Customer Satisfaction

David R.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks, and I must say their service exceeded my expectations. When my LG refrigerator encountered issues, their skilled technician from Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks quickly diagnosed and efficiently resolved the problem. The professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail demonstrated by Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks are commendable. I highly recommend their reliable appliance service to anyone in Okotoks seeking top-quality repairs.

James .T

Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks is a company that truly stands out in terms of service excellence. When my stove needed urgent attention, their team responded promptly and efficiently. From diagnosing the issue to installing the necessary part, Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks delivered a seamless experience. Now, my stove works perfectly, and I’m grateful for the reliable and prompt service provided by Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks. I’ll definitely be booking their services again!

Ethan W.

Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks proved to be the go-to company for all my appliance needs. From refrigerator repair to the installation of a new part, their knowledgeable technicians ensured that every detail was taken care of. The convenience of having everything handled by Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks is truly appreciated. I’m impressed with their comprehensive service and would highly recommend Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks to anyone in Okotoks.

Alex M.

Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks exceeded my expectations with their efficient and precise service. Facing an urgent LG appliance issue, their technician not only diagnosed the problem swiftly but also explained the necessary repairs in detail. The commitment of Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks to customer rights and satisfaction is evident throughout the entire process. They have earned my trust, and I’ll be turning to Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks for all my future appliance needs in Okotoks.


What types of appliances does your company specialize in repairing?

Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks specializes in repairing a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, stoves, and more. We cover all major brands, including LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, JennAir  to ensure comprehensive appliance service.

Can I book Repair for refrigerator in Calgary?

Absolutely! Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks provides refrigerator repair services not only in Okotoks but also in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Does your company handle stove repair and installation services?

Yes, Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks offers stove repair and installation services. Our experienced technicians ensure everything is in working order, from repairing stoves to installing new parts.

How can I book an appointment for appliance service?

Booking with Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks is easy. You can schedule an appointment online or by contacting our customer service. We are here to ensure everything is convenient for you.

Is Fast Appliance the go-to company for all appliance-related jobs in Okotoks?

Yes, Fast Appliance Repair Okotoks is your one-stop solution for all appliance repair and service needs in Okotoks. We handle everything, from installations to part replacements.