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Looking for Oven Repair Calgary ? No matter the type of oven gracing your kitchen—whether it’s a classic gas, a modern electric, an advanced convection, a convenient self-cleaning, or a versatile dual fuel oven—Fast Appliance Repair has you covered. Our team of expert technicians, backed by extensive training and real-world experience, possesses the know-how to address any issue your oven may encounter. Whether it’s failing to reach the right temperature, cooking food unevenly, or not functioning at all, rest assured that we are well-equipped to diagnose and rectify the problem.

Our expertise extends across all brands, positioning us as the go-to resource for oven repair needs in Calgary and its surrounding areas. The next time your oven decides to throw a fit, don’t sweat it. Simply give Fast Appliance Repair a call, and we’ll handle the rest

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Why Choose Fast Appliance for Oven Repair in Calgary

Fast Appliance stands out as the top choice for oven repair in Calgary for several compelling reasons. Our team of skilled technicians is not only proficient in oven repairs but also covers a wide range of appliances, including freezers, dryers, washers, and refrigerators. We prioritize professionalism in every repair job, ensuring that our technicians are trained to handle all tasks with precision. Serving the Calgary area, we take pride in our extensive reviews that highlight our commitment to quality service. Our transparent and reasonable cost estimates make us a reliable option for all your appliance repair needs in Alberta. Whether it’s a refrigerator repair, dryer repair, range repair, or any other task, Fast Appliance guarantees thorough and professional service.

What makes Fast Appliance a standout choice is our comprehensive approach to appliance repairs. We understand that your household relies on a variety of appliances to function smoothly, and that’s why we go beyond just oven repair. Our technicians are adept at addressing all your appliance needs, ensuring that each task is handled efficiently and professionally. From washers to range repair, Fast Appliance in Calgary is your one-stop solution for all household appliance concerns. In addition to providing accurate estimates and reliable service, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the field of appliance repair in Alberta.

Same Day Oven Repair in Calgary

Best, Professional Same Day Oven Repair Calgary Services! 

Baking can be therapeutic for some people and others might just want their food baked. No matter the reason, this can only be possible with a properly functional oven. We at Fast Appliance Repair understand how frustrating it can be when an appliance starts malfunctioning. And that’s why we offer same day oven repair services in Calgary. When you contact us with your oven repair requirements, we guarantee to get it up and running as soon as possible.  

When you have an oven that’s not working properly, it can throw your routine off balance. For example, imagine you have a dinner party in the evening and your oven starts malfunctioning in the morning. For such situations, you would need same day oven repair services. And this is where Fast Appliance Repair can help. Our expert team will work in a timely manner and also fix your oven promptly. Moreover, you can be certain that we will work with a schedule that suits you best. As our professionals always have quality spare parts with them, we can finish your oven repair the same day. So, for same day oven repair services in Calgary, call Fast Appliance Repair for their immediate and expert service.  

Emergency Oven Repairs in Calgary

Licensed Experts and Reliable Emergency Oven Repair Service Calgary!

Cooking for your family certainly becomes easier when you have a good oven in your kitchen. And oven appliances have a unique place in any kitchen and also a most preferred one. When your oven breakdowns in the middle of a meal or before a Sunday brunch, it can be quite frustrating. Well, this is where we can help you with our emergency oven repair Calgary services. We will make sure that you get prompt response and immediate repair services for any major and even minor issue.  

No matter where you live in Calgary, you need emergency oven repair services. And yes, it might happen that you need your oven repaired on an urgent basis. Well, our expert technicians can do it for you. Once our team reaches your place, they will quickly assess your oven issue and provide you with an effective solution. Moreover, they are also equipped for any unique oven repair requirements and can give a viable solution.  

It is smarter to get your oven repaired when it starts acting up and hinders your cooking tasks. Call an oven repair professional at Fast Appliance Repair, and get your oven repaired today. 

Customer Reviews

Efficient and Affordable Oven Repair

Fast Appliance Repair truly lived up to its name when I called them for oven repair services. The technician arrived promptly, diagnosed the issue with my oven not heating up, and efficiently repaired it. What impressed me the most was their transparency in providing a cost estimate before starting the repair job. The service was not only fast but also affordable, making Fast Appliance Repair my go-to choice for any future appliance issues.

Professional and Knowledgeable Oven Technicians

I recently had a fantastic experience with Fast Appliance Repair for my oven issues. The technician demonstrated a high level of professionalism and knowledge. He quickly identified the problem, explained the repair process, and had my oven up and running in no time. The attention to detail and thoroughness in their work make Fast Appliance Repair the top choice for anyone seeking reliable oven repair services in Calgary.

Comprehensive Oven Repair Service

Fast Appliance Repair exceeded my expectations when I contacted them for oven repair. The technician not only fixed the issue with my oven’s uneven cooking but also conducted a thorough check to ensure everything was working optimally. I appreciated their commitment to providing a comprehensive service. The technician was courteous, explained the repair process, and left my kitchen spotless after completing the job. I highly recommend Fast Appliance Repair for their top-notch oven repair services.

We Service All Oven Makes & Models

At the heart of our operational ethos lies the unwavering commitment to versatility, as Fast Appliance prides itself on its innate ability to service an extensive array of oven makes and models. From the latest technological marvels to timeless classics, our dedicated technicians, equipped with industry-leading certifications and extensive training, demonstrate an exemplary proficiency in handling renowned brands such as Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, Samsung, Bosch, Kenmore, and an exhaustive list beyond. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond mere functionality to encompass the detailed diagnosis and repair of burners, broilers, thermostats, and more, ensuring a holistic resolution of appliance issues.

Appliance Repairs Calgary
Oven Repair

We Serve Calgary and the Surrounding Areas

Acknowledging the paramount importance of timely and reliable service in the contemporary fast-paced lifestyle, Fast Appliance strategically situates its expansive service network to seamlessly cater to the sprawling city of Calgary and its surrounding areas, including but not limited to Airdrie, Okotoks, and beyond. This strategic positioning ensures that our fleet of skilled and geographically dispersed technicians forms an agile and responsive team, committed to providing not only prompt but also efficient assistance. Whether your residence is nestled in the heart of Calgary or on the outskirts of Okotoks, rest assured that Fast Appliance pledges to deliver swift and efficient service, addressing your appliance-related concerns with the urgency they deserve.

Common oven problems and solutions

Fast Appliance stands as a beacon of experience, having successfully diagnosed and resolved a diverse array of oven issues over the years. From the intricacies of malfunctioning burners and faulty broilers to the subtleties of uneven heating and thermostat troubles, our seasoned technicians exhibit a prowess that transcends mere technical proficiency. Armed with efficient solutions, our approach extends beyond mere repair to the meticulous restoration of your oven’s optimal performance. This commitment ensures that your appliance not only functions but excels, meeting and exceeding the demands of your culinary endeavors.

Oven maintenance tips to prevent future problems

Fast Appliance Repair is dedicated to assisting customers in maintaining their appliances, particularly focusing on ovens, to prevent potential issues in the future. Regular oven maintenance is crucial for prolonging the life of the appliance and ensuring optimal performance. Customers are advised to incorporate routine cleaning practices, removing accumulated grease and food particles that can adversely affect the oven’s functionality and cause unpleasant odors. It is also essential to inspect the oven door seals regularly for any signs of wear and tear, as they play a vital role in maintaining proper heat retention. To further enhance the longevity of their ovens, customers are encouraged to schedule periodic professional maintenance services, allowing for the early identification and resolution of potential issues.

Residents seeking expert advice on oven maintenance and other appliance-related concerns can easily contact Fast Appliance Repair through our dedicated number. Our business is committed to delivering top-notch appliance repair services, including those for fridges, ensuring customer satisfaction. By adhering to these oven maintenance tips, customers not only prevent future problems but also optimize their appliances’ efficiency, reducing the need for frequent repairs. Fast Appliance Repair aims to empower customers with the knowledge and assistance necessary to keep their appliances in excellent working condition.


  • Regular Cleaning: Ensure to clean your oven regularly to remove built-up grease, food residues, and spills. A clean oven not only improves performance but also prevents unpleasant odors.
  • Inspect Door Seals: Check the seals around the oven door for any signs of wear and tear. Damaged seals can compromise heat retention, leading to inefficient cooking and energy waste.
  • Avoid Harsh Cleaners: When cleaning your oven, avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the interior surfaces. Opt for mild, oven-safe cleaners to maintain the quality of your appliance.
  • Self-Cleaning Feature: If your oven has a self-cleaning feature, utilize it regularly. This feature helps to burn off food residues and grease, making it easier to wipe away the ashes afterward.
  • Monitor Cooking Temperatures: Regularly check the accuracy of your oven’s temperature settings by using an oven thermometer. This ensures that your food cooks evenly and at the intended temperature.
  • Replace Faulty Parts Promptly: If you notice any issues, such as malfunctioning heating elements or a faulty thermostat, address them promptly. Timely replacement of faulty parts prevents further damage and extends the oven’s lifespan.

Certified & Insured Technicians for all your appliance repair needs

Fast Appliance Repair takes pride in providing certified and insured technicians to meet all your appliance repair needs. As a dedicated appliance repair company in Calgary, we understand the significance of a reliable and efficient service when it comes to your home appliances. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in handling repair jobs for a variety of appliance brands, ensuring that your appliances, whether it’s a refrigerator, dryer, or range, are in capable hands. When you contact us for a visit, our technicians bring a wealth of experience to address your appliance service needs promptly and effectively.

Residents in Calgary and surrounding areas can count on Fast Appliance – Oven Repair Calgary, to deliver unparalleled services. From refrigerator repairs to fixing dryers and handling range repair, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients. When you reach out to us by phone, our dedicated team is ready to provide estimates for the necessary appliance repairs, ensuring transparency in our services. Choose Fast Appliance Repair for reliable and efficient solutions, backed by certified appliance repair technicians, whether you need Boche, Meile, Samsung, LG, GE, or Thermador repairs or assistance with any other appliance brand.

Dishwasher Repair

A properly functioning dishwasher is essential for the smooth operation of your kitchen. Fast Appliance Repair specializes in dishwasher repair services, providing quick, convenient, and reliable services. We understand the importance of clean dishes and offer solutions that ensure your dishwasher remains dependable, making your kitchen routine more efficient.

Fridge Repair

A properly functioning fridge is essential for keeping your food fresh and safe. Our fridge repair service is dedicated to ensuring that your fridge operates at its best. We use genuine parts to maintain the quality and longevity of your appliance. Our dependable solutions are not only affordable but also reliable, keeping your fridge running efficiently and your food in the best condition.

Washer Repair

When it comes to washing machine repair, we recognize the importance of a well-functioning washing machine in your daily life. Our same-day and next-day service options are designed to minimize disruption and get your laundry routine back on track as soon as possible. Our certified technicians are well-qualified to diagnose and resolve any issues with your washer, offering dependable and cost-effective solutions to get your washer working efficiently once again.

Dryer Repair

A malfunctioning  dryer can be a major inconvenience, especially when you need your clothes ready in a hurry. Our qualified technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing dryer issues quickly and effectively. We ensure your dryer is up and running efficiently, saving you time and money on unnecessary replacements. At Fast Appliance Repair, we are committed to delivering fast and reliable dryer repair services, ensuring your laundry remains hassle-free.

Stove Repair

Cooking disruptions due to a faulty stove can be frustrating, but you can count on Fast Appliance Repair for a swift resolution. Our certified Range technicians specialize in stove repair, ensuring that your appliance is working efficiently and safely. We take care of everything, so you can continue to cook without worries.

Cooktop Repair

When your cooktop experiences issues, our experienced team is just a call away. We offer fast and affordable cooktop repair services that are designed to make your cooking experience hassle-free. Don’t let cooktop problems disrupt your daily life; contact Fast Appliance Repair for a quick and dependable resolution.

Oven Repair

If your oven is causing cooking disruptions, our professional oven repair services are the solution you need. Our certified technicians have the expertise to handle various oven issues, from temperature control problems to heating malfunctions. We are dedicated to getting your kitchen back in order, so you can enjoy cooking your favourite meals without interruptions.

Freezer Repair

A freezer that needs repairs is something that must be resolved sooner rather than later. Fast Appliance Repair offers excellent customer service and quality parts on all major freezer repairs. We can fix any homes freezer issue, and can deal with any types of electric issues. Please contact us for a free quote, or book online, and our professionals will be on the way to your home.

Oven maintenance tips to prevent future problems

A stitch in time saves nine, and the same goes for your oven! Here are some proactive steps you can take to nip potential oven problems in the bud. Regular cleaning is a simple, yet crucial step. It’s not just about hygiene; eliminating food particles that have turned into stubborn grime can also prevent smoke, fire, and unpleasant smells.

Door seals play a vital role in maintaining the temperature inside your oven. So, be sure to inspect them frequently for any signs of wear and tear that can cause heat loss, thereby affecting your oven’s efficiency.

While it may be tempting to line your oven with aluminum foil for easy clean-up, resist the urge! Aluminum foil can interfere with heat distribution leading to unevenly cooked meals.

Finally, remember to tune in to your oven. Unusual sounds or smells can be early warning signs of a budding issue. So, if your oven is noisier than usual or there’s an odd smell wafting from it, it’s a good idea to have it checked out.

Keep in mind that while these tips can help maintain your oven’s longevity, they are not a replacement for professional servicing when needed. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy stress-free baking and cooking for many years to come!

Oven repair vs. replacement: pros and cons

When faced with the dilemma of oven repair versus replacement; residents in Calgary Alberta often turn to reputable appliance repair companies like Fast Appliance  for guidance. Choosing the right company is crucial, as it ensures a satisfactory job and reliable service. Clients should ask important questions about warranty coverage, the experience of technicians, and additional charges before scheduling an appointment. In Calgary and surrounding areas, where household appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers are integral to daily life, the choice between oven repair and replacement becomes a significant decision.

Fast Appliance repair, understand the importance of client satisfaction. Our  team recognize that timely and efficient Oven repair, for instance, can make a substantial difference in a household. The advantage of opting for repair lies in its cost-effectiveness and the preservation of familiar appliances. However, individuals need to weigh the reliability of the repair work against potential long-term costs. On the other hand, appliance replacement may be the preferred choice for those seeking upgraded features and a more extended warranty. The decision ultimately hinges on factors like the age of the appliance, the extent of the damage, and the overall cost considerations for residents in Alberta.

10 of the most common Oven problems that homeowners often encounter

Oven not heating

If the oven fails to reach the desired temperature or doesn’t heat up at all, it could be due to a faulty heating element, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a broken igniter.

Uneven cooking or baking: If food is not cooking or baking evenly in the oven, it may indicate temperature calibration issues, a malfunctioning heating element, or improper airflow.

Oven door not closing properly

A loose or misaligned oven door can result in heat escaping and poor cooking performance. It may be caused by a worn-out door seal or hinges.

Oven not self-cleaning: If the self-cleaning function doesn’t work as expected, it could be due to a malfunctioning self-cleaning latch, a faulty temperature sensor, or a problem with the control board.

Malfunctioning oven controls

Issues with the oven controls, such as unresponsive buttons, inaccurate temperature settings, or a malfunctioning display, may be caused by a faulty control panel or electronic control board.

Oven light not working

If the oven light fails to turn on when the door is open, it could indicate a burned-out bulb or a problem with the light socket or switch.

Excessive smoke or odors

If the oven emits excessive smoke or unusual odors during use, it may be due to food debris or grease buildup, a malfunctioning heating element, or an issue with the insulation.

Noisy operation: Unusual noises coming from the oven, such as rattling, buzzing, or squeaking sounds, can be a sign of a loose or worn-out part, a malfunctioning fan motor, or a faulty convection fan.

Faulty oven timer or clock

If the oven timer or clock doesn’t function correctly, it could be due to a defective control board, a faulty timer motor, or issues with the wiring.

Oven not turning on

If the oven doesn’t turn on or respond to the control panel, it may be due to a power supply issue, a blown fuse, or a problem with the oven’s electrical connection.

Remember, troubleshooting and fixing oven problems can vary depending on the specific model and brand. If you encounter any of these issues, consult the oven’s user manual or consider contacting a professional appliance repair service for assistance.