Common Cooktop Issues

Gas Cooktop

  • Gas Wont Ignite
  • Pilot Light Goes Out
  • Inconsistent Flames
  • No Gas

Electric Cooktop

  • Element Broken
  • Light Indicator Is Broken
  • Doesn’t Heat

Cooktops can be either gas or electric and are made to fit into or on top of cabinets and other surfaces. Typically, cooktops have four or more burners and a series of control knobs that regulate burner temperatures. Over time and with consistent use, cooktops may need to be repaired. Common problems many people report are burners not turning on, indicator lights remaining lit, igniters not generating sparks, or burners being too hot.

Fast Appliance Repair is available to come to your home and assess any issues you may be having with your cooktop. Some cooktop repair jobs can be done same day, however most issues related to cooktops could result in replacing the unit.








    Common Cooktop Problems

    Grate: The grate goes over the burner and is keeps pots and pans from sitting directly on the flame. If you have a glass cooktop, you will not have grates for your burners. Grates may need replacement over time if they are scratched or broken. A broken grate can prevent the use of the cooktop.

    Burner Cap: Burner caps sit underneath the grate on top of the burner head. Clean burner caps help avoid uneven flames. If burner caps are not properly positioned or are malfunctioning, the burner will not light.

    Drip Pan: Drip pans are positioned underneath the burner and catch any overflow from pots and pans. They protect the cooktop from being damaged while cooking. If a drip pan becomes overburdened with food residue, it can create a fire hazard.

    Burner Head: Burner heads reside under burner caps and regulate the cooktop flame. The slots on burner heads can become clogged beyond cleaning and may eventually need replacing.




    Why Choose Fast Appliance Repairs

    Fast Appliance Repair offers excellent customer service and quality parts on all major appliance repairs.

    Common misconseption is we receive is what is the difference between a range, a cooktop and a stove.

    A Range and stove are both the same appliance. Basically they are a 1-piece unit that includes an oven to cook in, as well as a cooktop with electric or gas powered elements.

    If you’re cooktop or Oven isn’t working, please call us for a free quote, or book an appointment online.